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Five at home aged 15 to 48, we were confined like you due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is our story, that of a knitted-tight family from Hudson in Quebec ... All sitting around the table no longer knowing what to do we began to discuss what we could put in place to participate in the economy but also to try to do something all together. Each member of our family has a daily schedule filled with a thousand and one activities and it is true that we never really have the time to set up a large team project.


The confinement was therefore an opportunity to get closer, to discover sometimes, but above all to use the talents of each and develop the family business of which we dreamed. In a few hours of brainstorming  a d o r e  m a s k  was born!

We have rolled up our sleeves all together to offer you, and those who need it, a quality mask, in these uncertain times.


The whole house then became the workshop. At the beginning it was chaos, but see there a merry chaos! Little by little we took our marks, each of us knitted in the tree of our small company which was only the reflection of our tight family. The 17-year-old Sisters are getting into social media, blogging, web customer service and cutting materials, the Brother is packing and dispatching orders, the Father is working over the phone and corporate customer service while the mother is in charge of the various local and international productions including the creation-design of fabrics.


Then the demand never stopped growing, our masks were greatly loved and appreciated for their high quality, their colors and their comfort ... We had to push the walls!

It was then that a whole team assembled around us, the small living-room business became a company in good and due form. It is with great pride that our brand now has, just a few weeks later, a freelance team of no less than 35 people (cutting fabrics, full-time local seamstresses, delivery men, accountants, packers, representatives, advertising graphic designer , web developer, printer ... ect…). We employ 27 people in Quebec and 8 people internationally. All are self-employed and this ensure them a revenue on the long term when they had lost everything because of the pandemic.


Founded on love and together more united than ever, we are proud of our history, of being Quebecois and above all of being there for you.

We will go through this together!




We will get through this together!

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