$ 5 per mask sold will be donated to the Poppy Fund.


This washable fabric mask for women, reversible, with contrasting patterns and reusable, complies with AFNOR SPEC S76-001 standard. It was designed in our workshop to equip the general public.

This barrier mask is anti-projection.


It is made in a double cotton layer of 600 to 1200 thread count. It has an interior pocket for a filter (paper handkerchief or paper towel).


In accordance with AFNOR recommendations for fabric masks, it is manufactured without a central seam to ensure the most effective protection. Its maximum duration of use is 4 hours.

This washable fabric mask is reusable: it is machine-washed at 40 ° to keep its colors, machine-dried cold to protect the elastic and can be ironed before use (be careful, however, not to iron the elastic).

remembrance day mask - women

  • One size for adult women.

    Sheet masks must be removed and cleaned properly, please read our FAQ for instructions before your first use.

    We suggest a minimum of 3 masks per person (wearing, washing and back-up!)

    After removing the mask by touching only the rubber bands, wash your hands immediately.

    Wearing a mask does not prevent barrier gestures. Respect hygiene measures by employing social distancing of 2m at all times and wash your hands as often as possible.

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