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This reversible washable fabric mask for adult men with contrasting patterns and reusable meets AFNOR SPEC S76-001 standard.
This barrier mask is anti-projection.


It is made in a double cotton layer from 600 to 1200 threads. It has an interior pocket to slip a filter into it (handkerchief or paper towel).


In accordance with AFNOR recommendations for fabric masks, it is manufactured without a central seam to provide the most effective protection. Its maximum duration of use is 4 hours.

This washable fabric mask is reusable: it goes to the machine at 40-60 ° to keep its colors, delicate machine drying to protect the elastic and must be ironed before use (be careful not to iron the elastic) .

thomas mask

  • One size for adult men.

    The detail of which we are proud is that for this collection, are our own fabrics! You will not find them anywhere else, they were designed in our workshop and are unique.

    Fabric masks must be removed and cleaned properly, please read our FAQ for instructions before your first use.

    We suggest a minimum of 3 masks per person (wearing, washing and back-up!)

    After removing the mask, touching only the elastic bands, wash your hands immediately.

    Wearing a mask does not prevent barrier gestures. Respect the hygiene measures by using the social distancing of 2m at all times and wash your hands as often as possible.

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